Yesterday we joined fire parade “PARKTOPIA”, with a hand-made lantern parade, shadow puppetry, live music and extraordinary visual images. This was performed on the Ward Island, part of Toronto Islands, with Shadowland Theatre’s Ward’s Island. This theatrical exploration of parks for essential community spaces offers families a tranquil respite from urban intensity. Ward Island is a part of a narrow low-lying peninsula, which for thousands of years prior to European colonization, was used for ceremonial gatherings and as a place of healing by Indigenous peoples of Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation and Chippewas.

Assembling Recipes for Sustainability

Assembling Methods for Combatting Dread

I just received package of 50 Mail-Art works of artists all over the world exchanging ideas, objects and works [recipes] envisioning solutions for environmental concerns and ecological thinking. I participated before in similar collaborative artistic projects with notion that art is eternal, without end and the beginning. [Me personally first time in Seville, Spain in 1990].

Organizers were inspired by Mail-art practice and distributed invitations with international open call to artist, writers, activists, revolutionaries, scholars, visionaries, to contribute recipes, interpreted very literally or creatively as desired, in the wishful thinking that this will help in combatting dread. Very similar idea to Brit Wray’s book “Generation Dread”, this psycho-social-ecological problem is revealing eco-anxiety.

Idea was, if possible of course, to strengthen interconnections between communities true art and curation. Centre for Sustainable Curating [organizers]  is leading in research-creation toward less fossil fuel reliant art inseparable with climate change. At least this is what assembling of sustainable recipes seems to be getting across.

On-line digital version with complete information is available here: 

CSC Centre for Sustainable Curating
Western Arts&Humanities
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada