author of this blog is aleksandar janicijevic, born and educated in beograd, former yugoslavia and relocated to canada in 1993. he graduated architecture from university of beograd, and continued his education in canada with numerous certified courses, workshops and seminars. his experience in architecture, art, photography and graphic and multimedia design was recognized by seneca college and in 1996 he was employed in the media production department. from 1998 until 2006 he was working in the centre for new technologies in teaching and learning. since 2006 aleksandar was involved in a revitalization institute at seneca college, creating specific psychogeographical portraits – urban analyses of existing neighbourhoods and in a role of chief media specialist.

parallel with work at the college he was involved in his art practice. in 2001 this art practice evolved to the exploration work on the “urban squares” project, research initiative as an attempt to rediscover the lost or neglected urban symbols which comprise a city’s identity.

in 2013 aleks took early retirement from the college, and now he is pursuing private practice in illustration, graphic and web design and photography. since november 2015 he is a founding member of the “resilience two to one group“, a volunteer multi-disciplinary group of educators, researchers and professionals focused on the issue of resilience for Canada during a changing climate.

we would appreciate very much any comments, suggestions, questions or anything else you have to say about this blog.

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  1. Hello Aleks (when too much coincidence is barely enough!)
    I was reading about psychogeopgraphy on Wikipedia and clicking on a link to your blog I found photos of Uzes where I am returning for a stay in March.
    Thank you for generously making your wonderful photography available.
    Best wishes

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