Mihajlo Pupin exhibition in Beograd, Museum of History

pb59imortalThey never age, and therefore they are immortal;
They are a part of the …. eternal truth.
– Swing as an exhibit, triggering Mihailo Pupin thoughts on the screen.-

Comment: Well, well, well. Why hadn’t I thought about that? Oh, I know, I’m creatively chegnellad. But you, you are NOT! Thanks for the idea for my daughter who won’t go past the 1st page of a new book she picked out! Joyce

Place aux Herbes, Uzes – back to beautiful town


look how well behaved this kids are, waiting for big show on the square to start…


Hello Aleks (when too much coincidence is barely enough!)
I was reading about psychogeopgraphy on Wikipedia and clicking on a link to your blog I found photos of Uzes where I am returning for a stay in March.
Thank you for generously making your wonderful photography available.
Best wishes