Mihajlo Pupin exhibition in Beograd, Museum of History

pb59imortalThey never age, and therefore they are immortal;
They are a part of the …. eternal truth.
– Swing as an exhibit, triggering Mihailo Pupin thoughts on the screen.-

Comment: Well, well, well. Why hadn’t I thought about that? Oh, I know, I’m creatively chegnellad. But you, you are NOT! Thanks for the idea for my daughter who won’t go past the 1st page of a new book she picked out! Joyce

Place aux Herbes, Uzes – back to beautiful town


look how well behaved this kids are, waiting for big show on the square to start…


Hello Aleks (when too much coincidence is barely enough!)
I was reading about psychogeopgraphy on Wikipedia and clicking on a link to your blog I found photos of Uzes where I am returning for a stay in March.
Thank you for generously making your wonderful photography available.
Best wishes

syrian and other refuges in so called refuge park in beograd, srbija


this was quiet day, few days ago,  in “refuge” park, near beograd bus station in downtown of the city. this is where most of the refuges from syria and other middle east and north african countries take a rest. this is where “good hearted” beograd people bring food, water, medication, and other goods to help this unhappy people on their escape journey.